The Tragedy of Nurse Schooling


Everyone who completes their nursing education has had some experience with mathematical concepts. For most of us, the experience wasn’t a pleasurable one. We remember the drams, grams, scruples, and liter conversions. But with nursing education now adjoining the main line of the collegiate academic world, one more mathematical dreadnought has surfaced. The study of statistical data, or statistics as it is affectionately coined by the learner, is critical to quantify our clinical nursing practice through the appliance of re- search. It is the methodology which Florence Nightingale first employed to spot the standards for quality patient care AND those of nursing.

From the instant that the course syllabus is distributed, the student wonders, What am I doing here? and, So what now? The course terminology is completely foreign and unclear and begins to whirl around in your brain.

Does this perhaps indicate how you will regress during your semester? You didn’t know it might be anticipated. You thought that was part of your abnormal psychology class. How fascinating, that the 2 classes have been related. Just when you thought you understood regression of the first type, you are now introduced to multiple types. It is tiny wonder that most students who deal with such multiple regression issues develop multiple aggressions. And if all the mathematical lingo doesn’t overwhelm you, the very next step toward conquering the course material and necessities appears: The CALCULATOR, the most fabulous invention of the modern world.

Everyone can use a easy calculator, right? A simple calculator, yes. A systematic or statistics calculator, no! Such a calculator must have been devised by some genius. Keys to calculate deviation, square of the mean, mean squared, x and y, Iy, covariance, regression modes… You may see them in your sleep, rather your nightmares. You’ll learn how to eat, converse and socialize in ‘statisticese’.

Stats challenges you to become knowledge able about the basic functioning of the systematic world.

It can offer you the opportunity to become accurate, logical, and yet abstract. Abstract? Yes, the last material covered on your outline is entitled, abstract logic. Now you will expose the relations of precision within the universe, and those architectural building blocks called Strings. What’s more, you can work out their distance from one another and upon each other, the basic basis of stats.

Why does the professional nursing student need to incorporate the statistical idea into her education? As she wishes to supply the most efficient quality patient care. She also requires a method to quantify her quality approach to that patient care, so it can be duplicated. So we, as execs, can best articulate our practice of nursing.

The nursing profession is increasingly involved in developing a systematic body of data relating to its practice. Not all nursing scholars will engage in research projects, whether clinical or solely academic, but there is an ever-growing expectancy that once they become practicing nurses, nurse directors, AND nurse teachers, they will critically appraise and use the results of study to better enable their nursing practice.

And research? Well, THAT course is for next semester.


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