Some Really Strange Tattoos


More people than you realize have some condition that makes their physical bodies different from the majority. Many try to hide those differences out of self-consciousness, even though the anomaly might be something you’d never notice anyway. Then there are some who celebrate their differences with a clever tattoo that provokes smiles and puts people at ease.

strange tattoos 1 Some Really Strange Tattoos

This guy turned his amputated hand into a finger with a giant tattoo of a fingernail!

strange tattoos 2 Some Really Strange Tattoos

Hopefully, now no one will ask what happened to him.

strange tattoos 3 Some Really Strange Tattoos

Was it the *F* word or the *L* word? If it was the second option, take it as a warning against trusting in luck.

strange tattoos 4 Some Really Strange Tattoos

What is available to cut below the line? Amputee Orlando Wallace shows off his tattoo – and the dark side of his sense of humor.

strange tattoos 5 Some Really Strange Tattoos

strange tattoos 6 Some Really Strange Tattoos

After mastectomies due to breast cancer, some women opt not to undergo reconstruction surgery. Instead of hiding their experience, a few decide to celebrate it by tattooing a beautiful and/or significant design on their chests.

strange tattoos 7 Some Really Strange Tattoos

Staff Sgt. Matt Lammers had already won a Purple Heart following a duty-related injury. Now he has another — after losing three limbs in Iraq. He shows off thetattoo that survived, saying, “This is what they didn’t get.”

strange tattoos 8 Some Really Strange Tattoos


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