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Theme Park – Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is well known for world-class roller coasters and over 100 rides, games and attractions. It offers the world-class roller coasters and thrill rides like Full Throttle, the world’s tallest and fastest looping coaster, LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom, the world’s tallest vertical drop ride, GREEN LANTERN: First Flight, a spinning coaster on a zigzag pattern track, Tatsu, the...

Movie Heroes as Minions

The Minions are small, yellow, cylindrical, creatures who have one or two eyes. They are a cute and adorable. They are impulsive creatures with little self-control, but with a wide-eyed wonder. Minions are genetically humanized kernels that are one of the most notable characters in the Despicable Me films. credit: Cozinhando Fantasias

Who Would Win in a Fight

If they had to fight, who would win? Who is taken down his opponent? Thor vs. Superman Loki vs. Joker Clone Trooper vs. Spider-Man Xena vs. Elektra Captain America vs. Captain Marvel Professor X vs. Captain Picard Wildcat vs. Cheetah Plastic Man vs. Edward Scissorhands Road Runner vs. The Flash Lois Lane vs. Velma Dinkley Felix the Cat vs. Snoopy Iron Man vs. WALL-E Hulk vs. Flash Ms....

Rogers Santa Claus Parade

The Rogers Vancouver Santa Claus parade is held every November or early December. The 2013 Rogers Vancouver Santa Claus parade was Sunday, December 1st at 1 pm. The parade starts at West Georgia Street and Broughton, travels east along West Georgia, turns north on Burrard and finishes at Burrard and Cordova. The event included the community, local charities, businesses and over 300,000 spectators. credit:...

Painted Halloween Pumpkins – Paint your Design

Paint your design onto your pumpkin with any tools you like to paint: paintbrushes, cotton swabs, sponges, or cotton balls. A painted pumpkin also won’t rot as fast as a carved one. No need to wield a giant knife, risking injury to yourself or your kids. credit: torbakhopper credit: torbakhopper credit: torbakhopper credit: torbakhopper credit: torbakhopper credit: mendolus shank credit: mendolus...

Best Halloween Costumes For Kids

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about costumes. Halloween allow presents kids their ideas so they can use creative imagination and dress up in a kids Halloween costume. Some of the character costumes that you will find here are from popular movies or professions. Check out these popular costume ideas for kids. credit: xubangwen

Lego Fan World in Cologne

LEGO Fanwelt is one of the most exciting exhibitions for LEGO models, in Germany. It is a must attend event for all LEGO fans and those who are interested in models. The old town part of Cologne build in LEGO bricks, 23 people have built for almost 2 years and used 5 Million LEGO bricks! credit: Thorsten Mohr

Madagascar Ice Sculptures Coolest Exhibit in Orlando

This year theme for the Gaylord Palms ICE was Merry Madagascar. Santa claus has also come to town. 2 million pounds of ice were carved by artisans from Harban, China to create a beautiful exhibit that includes scenes of Madagascar movie. Wonderland of exciting hand-carved sculptures covers over 20,000 square-feet. The sculptures are brilliantly carved, colored and the best scenes from the movie are...

Halloween Scary Face Makeup

See these face paints and find out how you can create wonderful face paint design. To be a walking skeleton on Halloween night by smearing white paint all over your face and black paint around your eyes, nose and mouth. Use a black eyeliner to draw teeth and spooky-looking nostrils. Skeleton make-up is simple to do and can be done rather quickly, if needed. credit: gaudiramone

Who Will Win the 2012 U.S. Election?

Who has an excellent chance of winning the 2012 Election. Thanks to some key indicators, and despite fluctuating approval ratings is still ahead democrat Barrack Obama that hold the office of President of the United States. 3D Republican Elephant and Democratic Donkey icons are not an official Democratic or Republican Party logos or icons. These images have been created for general use to illustrate...

The Most Colorful Holi Festival

Holi is also known as festival of Colours and one of the major festivals of India. The main day is celebrated by people throwing coloured powder and coloured water at each other. Holi is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun which is the month of March as per the Gregorian calendar. Holi was originally a spring festival of fertility and harvest. Now it also marks some Hindu legends. credit:...

Los Angeles Anime Expo 2011

The Anime Expo was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was a whirlwind of cosplay fun. There were people who love nothing more than to dress up as their favorite heroes and heroines. credit: PopCultureGeek.com

Funny Paper Box Robot Models

This cool paper model robot is easy to build using items found around you at home. You do not need special skills or experience with a paper and the result looks great. For building your own paper robots, you can use a kit in various design. Just print and build out of paper. Here are some very cool paper robots. credit: melixh08 credit: minh09DTH4 credit: brierea credit: bongo116 credit: brierea credit: SexyNujitsu credit: brierea credit: brierea credit:...

Gummi Bear Fun

Gummi Bears are the perfect solution for kids because the wholesome nutrition. It contains all-natural vitamins and minerals. The traditional gummi bear is made from a mixture of sugar, glucose syrup, starch, flavouring, food coloring, citric acid, and gelatin. credit: sevius credit: xoxo-anna-oxox credit: melsmellsofwee credit: Lely0015 credit: melsmellsofwee credit: linegreger credit: limade04 credit: AfroChick200 credit: djheneka credit:...

Funny Suitecase Stickers

Vancouver design company fights against monotonous travel suitcase with funny stickers. Stickers will draw attention to your bag making it easily identifiable. The options include a bunch of packages of cocaine, stacks of cash, a pile of sex toys, and a kidnapped woman. Warning: Some of these stickers may cause offense to airport and immigration staff. origin: thecheeky.com