Ren RS Turbine Supercar


Chinese company Techrules has revealed the Ren RS turbine range-extender EV supercar. The Techrules Ren RS uses patented TREV technology (turbine-recharging electric vehicle) that effectively creates a very efficient and powerful range-extending system. It describes the TREV system as such: “Air drawn into the micro turbine is passed through a heat exchanger where heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the cold intake air, and compressed before it is ignited. The twin turbine, six-motor setup is the most extreme combo available from Techrules, but potential buyers can get less extreme versions with just a single turbine and four electric motors (640kW/1560Nm). The Ren had a three-seat configuration, with a center-mounted driver’s seat up front flanked by two set-back passenger seats. The Techrules books are open for orders, and the company said the cars will be delivered within two years to an “exclusive band of customers.”

ren rs Ren RS Turbine Supercar

ren rs1 Ren RS Turbine Supercar

ren rs2 Ren RS Turbine Supercar

ren rs3 Ren RS Turbine Supercar


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