Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon


Oneonta Gorge is one of the many wonders of the National Scenic Area. It is not accessible by trail. Rather you must walk up the creek bed, over a large and perhaps unstable log jam, through the gorge, and up to your waist in water until you finally see falls. Lower Oneonta Falls probably dropped just under 100ft in a backdrop surrounded by steep vertical-walled cliffs and fronted by clear pools. The water was so clear that I even noticed fish swimming amidst the submerged rocks.

Distance: 3.3 miles (5.3km)
Time: 1:30-2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Climbing: Hilly
Features: Waterfalls

oneonta Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

oneonta1 Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

oneonta2 Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

oneonta3 Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

oneonta4 Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

oneonta5 Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

oneonta6 Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

oneonta7 Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

oneonta8 Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

oneonta9 Oneonta Gorge Hike, Oregon

credit: McD22

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Proxy Falls – Oregon Cascades


This multi-tiered, cascading waterfall is hidden in the dense Williamette National Forest along the McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway. It is one of the most frequently photographed waterfalls in Oregon. Lower Proxy Falls was created 6,000 years ago when a giant glacier carved a deep trough through the area, leaving steep canyon walls after the ice receded. The waterfall is a 100′ drop over stairsteps of broken columnar basalt giving the delicate misty look of the falls.

proxy falls Proxy Falls   Oregon Cascades

proxy falls1 Proxy Falls   Oregon Cascades

proxy falls2 Proxy Falls   Oregon Cascades

proxy falls3 Proxy Falls   Oregon Cascades

credit: Thomas Shahan 3

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Day at Oregon Coast


All 363 miles of the Oregon Coast are free and open to all of us. Which means how you choose to explore it is entirely up to you. The Oregon coast covers basalt rock cliffs, long sandy beaches and awesome tide pools, whales spouting off and breaching in the distance and beautiful sunsets. This photo was taken between Newport and Lincoln city along the Hwy 101.

oregon coast Day at Oregon Coast

Coastline at Depoe Bay, Oregon

oregon coast1 Day at Oregon Coast

Panorama of the Devils Punchbowl

oregon coast2 Day at Oregon Coast

Oregon Coastline from Devils Punchbowl

oregon coast3 Day at Oregon Coast

Perched upon a cliff 500 feet above the Pacific Ocean

oregon coast4 Day at Oregon Coast

Rugged Coastline

oregon coast5 Day at Oregon Coast

Cape Foulweather, Oregon USA

oregon coast6 Day at Oregon Coast

View of Otter Crest Resort

oregon coast7 Day at Oregon Coast

Beautiful Hidden Cove

oregon coast8 Day at Oregon Coast

Secluded Cove

oregon coast9 Day at Oregon Coast

Hidden Cove

oregon coast10 Day at Oregon Coast

Oregon Coastline at Otter Rock

oregon coast11 Day at Oregon Coast

Depoe Bay, Oregon USA

oregon coast12 Day at Oregon Coast

Beverly Beach

oregon coast13 Day at Oregon Coast

View from the Otter Crest Loop

credit: Kirt Edblom

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