New Seat IBL Concept


The Seat IBL concept car represent how the next generation of Seat Toledo will look. The SEAT IBL has been designed to fit into the sports sedan category. At 4.67 metres long and 1.85 metres wide, the SEAT IBL falls into the full-size sedan market. At the front, the IBL is characterized by the full LED headlamps and by the arrow, a core element of the brand’s design recalled by the hood and the five-sided grille. The side view is dominated bythe large 20-inch wheels which have a sophisticated design featuring single and double spokes. The rear end features sharply-cut LED lights, a bumper indicated by just a character and a finely sculpted rear diffuser.

seat ibl New Seat IBL Concept

seat ibl1 New Seat IBL Concept

seat ibl2 New Seat IBL Concept

seat ibl3 New Seat IBL Concept

seat ibl4 New Seat IBL Concept



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