Worst Celebrity Twins Ever


celebrity twins 11 Worst Celebrity Twins Ever

Being a twin can either lead to wacky hijinks or completely suck. The 1988 movie “Twins”, for example, is about a pair of unlikely twins accidentally created by scientists. Arnold Schwarzenegger is smart and muscle-y and Danny DeVito is a grossout lowlife. Being the “DeVito Twin” would suck. But for a lot of celebrity siblings, that’s pretty much what they are. Here are the bottom 7 twins of celebrities.

1. Paul Diesel

celebrity twins 81 Worst Celebrity Twins Ever

That’s probably not his real name. But Vin Diesel’s brother looks like if Paul Giamatti played a gay ’70’s porn star. In other words, he looks like if Paul Giamatti played Vin Diesel.

2. Ozzie Canseco

celebrity twins 71 Worst Celebrity Twins Ever

How many times has Ozzie regretted turning down steroids? Well, Jose hit 462 home runs in his career. Ozzie hit zero. So the correct answer is 462 times.

3. Michael Kutcher

celebrity twins 61 Worst Celebrity Twins Ever

Ooff. Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother was punk’d by life.

4. Patricia Bundchen

celebrity twins 51 Worst Celebrity Twins Ever

You know what would suck? Being a fairly-attractive Brazilian broad, but having your fucking twin sister be Gisele Bundchen, the quarterback-banging supermodel. It would probably suck to be a non-twin sister of a supermodel. Now imagine that, with a slight chromosomal twist, you’d be the one who doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000. Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

5. Hunter Johansson

celebrity twins 41 Worst Celebrity Twins Ever

Lots of women would probably like to look like Scarlett Johansson. I’m sure Hunter wouldn’t mind if he’d ended up looking exactly like her, with her exact career. Instead he just got those glasses

6. Leslie Hamilton

celebrity twins 31 Worst Celebrity Twins Ever

Do you think that Linda Hamilton’s identical sister cries every time she drives past the estate of James Cameron? And, if so, do you think Linda can feel it?

7. Daniel Heder

celebrity twins 21 Worst Celebrity Twins Ever

One is Napoleon Dynamite. The other is his less-successful Mormon brother. And nobody ever says, “Hey aren’t you the less-successful Mormon brother of Napoleon Dynamite?”


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7 Responses to " Worst Celebrity Twins Ever "

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  2. alicia says:

    You should do your research. Michael Kutcher has cerebral palsy. I will now proceed to bash your disgusting website. How’s that for a punk’d at life you pompous jerks.

  3. Robert says:

    It seems that whoever was responsible for the witty little “Ooff. Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother was punk’d by life.” Should do more than research…they should consider a new line of work. Douche Bag!

  4. Robert says:

    I just ‘Happened’ across this site…so I guess by looking at the actual number of people who actually come here on purpose being very low, that Kutcher really wouldn’t have much to care about it. 🙂

  5. Rosalie Dann says:

    Thank you to those who have already commented. I was going to say how grossly rude and cruel some of those comments were with the pictures. Who cares what they look like , these are PEOPLE who are presumably loved by their family and friends and how dare you make such nasty comments on a public site. Were you anyone else I dare say you could be accused of cyber bullying or the like. Do you THINK that they don’t come across this stuff even accidentally. Think before you write please.

  6. […] Worst celebrity twins ever – woondu – woondu – best news Being a twin can either lead to wacky hijinks or completely suck. the 1988 movie “twins”, for example, is about a pair of unlikely twins accidentally. One comment […]

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