Famous Celebrities Playing Xbox


The famous singer Rihanna from Barbados showed off more than her singing skills in Xbox Live game. There are a lot of celebrities playing xbox live so here is list of gamertags :

50 Cent – Kid4Life
Aaron Mcgruder – Jebediah99BD
Adrian Peterson – SoonerPride28
Andy Roddick – AndyGWF
Anil Kumble – crickter
Bam Margera – Gumball 3000
Bill Gates – MSgates123
Chad Ochocinco – Estaban85
Charlie Frye – BT67
Colt Cannon – Coltron3030
Dan Cody – OKDanCody80
Dane Cook – DaneCook
dave chappelle – mcdugel22
David Beckham – Becks021130
Eminem – your_an_idiot2414
Floyd Mayweather – MayWeatherKO-
Fred Durst – Fredee D LBGC
Gilbert Arenas – AgentArenas
Ice-T – Lord 187x
Jason Giambi – giambiGWF
Jeff dunham – X420kushking420
Jim Carey – x Doofy
John Cena – oP TacTicZ
Lil Wayne – ii InfuZe x
Marcus jordan – Mr Fletcher 23
Matt Leinar – KingofTroy11
Mc Chris – therealmcchris
Paul Pierce – P TIZZLE 09
Paul Wall – T Paul Wall
Robert Kelly – YouStink2
Russel Brand – SoiledLeader539
Ryan Sheckler – RoC iMpReZ
Soulja Boy Tell Em – SouljaBoyTellEm
Tony Hawk – tonyinegypt
Willis McGahee – WMcGahee21
Xzibit – MRxzibit38

rihanna pictures Famous Celebrities Playing Xbox

rihanna pictures1 Famous Celebrities Playing Xbox

rihanna pictures2 Famous Celebrities Playing Xbox

rihanna pictures3 Famous Celebrities Playing Xbox

credit: gamerscoreblog

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