Streets of Brussels


Brussels is quickly gaining a reputation as city with its small town charm, trendy bars and restaurants, fabulous food, great nightlife, fantastic shopping, numerous museums, and other attractions. No trip to Brussels is complete without sampling the world-class chocolate for which Belgium is known. In a country with more than 2,000 chocolate shops, this is an easy mission to accomplish. This city is not just the capital of Belgium but unofficially also of the EU, and the home of a quiver of international organizations (NATO, the European Commission, the European Parliament and, of course, the European Brewery Convention).

brussels Streets of Brussels

brussels1 Streets of Brussels

brussels2 Streets of Brussels

brussels3 Streets of Brussels

brussels4 Streets of Brussels

brussels5 Streets of Brussels

brussels6 Streets of Brussels

brussels7 Streets of Brussels

brussels8 Streets of Brussels

brussels9 Streets of Brussels

brussels10 Streets of Brussels

brussels11 Streets of Brussels

brussels12 Streets of Brussels

brussels13 Streets of Brussels

brussels14 Streets of Brussels

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How Many Calories Does 30 Minutes Sports Activity Burn?


The amount of calories you burn during a sports activity depends on numerous factors, the most important being your weight and level of exertion.

Weight: 70 kg
Time: 30 minutes

Aerobics – low impact 203.71 cal
Aerobics – high impact 259.26 cal
Water aerobics 148.15 cal
Step aerobics 259.26 cal
Stationary bicycling 259.26 cal
Vigorous stationary cycling 388.90 cal
Stationary rowing 259.26 cal
Vigorous stationary rowing 314.82 cal
Stationary machine skiing 351.86 cal
Stationary machine for walking up the stairs 222.23 cal
Weightlifting 111.11 cal
Vigorous weightlifting 222.23 cal
Holiday basketball 296.30 cal
Mountain biking 314.82 cal
Cycling 20-22 km/h 296.30 cal
Cycling over 22 km/h 370.38 cal
Boxing with sparring partner 333.34 cal
Competitive soccer 333.34 cal
Recreational soccer 296.30 cal
Playing with a Frisbee 111.11 cal
Golf without cart 203.71 cal
Golf with cart 129.63 cal
Gymnastics 148.15 cal
Recreational handball 444.45 cal
Mountaineering 222.23 cal
Riding 148.15 cal
Recreational skating 259.26 cal
Martial arts 370.38 cal
Climbing – Climb 407.41 cal
Inline skating 259.26 cal
Running 8 km / h 296.30 cal
Running 9 km / h 333.34 cal
Running 10 km / h 370.38 cal
Running 11 km / h 407.41 cal
Running 12 km / h 462.97 cal
Running 14 km / h 537.05 cal
Running 16 km / h 611.12 cal
Cross-country running 333.34 cal
Cross-country skiing 296.30 cal
Alpine skiing 222.23 cal
Wading in deep snow 296.30 cal
Softball 185.19 cal
Recreational swimming 222.23 cal
Summer tennis 259.26 cal
Summer volleyball 111.11 cal
Competitive volleyball 148.15 cal
Beach volleyball 296.30 cal
Walking 5 km / h 148.15 cal
Walking 6 km / h 166.67 cal
Walking 7 km / h 185.19 cal
Jogging 222.23 cal
Water skiing 222.23 cal
Water polo 370.38 cal
Rafting, kayaking 185.19 cal

calories How Many Calories Does 30 Minutes Sports Activity Burn?

credit: Mike Baird

calories1 How Many Calories Does 30 Minutes Sports Activity Burn?

credit:  Harsh1.0

calories2 How Many Calories Does 30 Minutes Sports Activity Burn?

credit: Reno Tahoe

calories3 How Many Calories Does 30 Minutes Sports Activity Burn?

credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

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