Online Arcades Becoming More Popular Than Social Networks


arcade 300x296 Online Arcades Becoming More Popular Than Social Networks

Online arcades are becoming major business for webmasters. CadeNix is an easy-to-use, feature-packed gaming software package. With CadeNix, you can efficiently create your very own entertainment site within minutes of placing your order. Better still, a full range of media packages exist to complement CadeNix. This makes up to 1,000+ game files available for practically instantaneous use and hours of enjoyment by your sites visitors. A comment system is also included. This will allow players on your arcade submit their game comments to your site. A record of all comments is maintained and Players are able to share feedback regarding their favorite titles – this is a great way to get people to come back to your site after playing.

The internal structure of CadeNix is solely based on an established software engineered technique. Other efficiencies are obtained through an incredible advanced cache system. The result is a script which runs in reality incredibly fast despite the numerous features that it boast. The script uses minimal resources. With the releases of version 2.0, a simple CadeNix installation with 1000+ games will load on less than 4.0mb of Ram per page loaded, a thats completely without enabling the customized cache system.

All aspects of maintaining your site from adding games , through to maintaining comments while you are sending users updates is an absolute breeze with CadeNix. How your site looks and feels is totally your choice. CadeNixs theme engine and language system empower you to customize as little or as much as you like. And, for those who want a completely out-of-the-box solution, Cadenix comes with one premium theme, included absolutely free.

One of the most valued features among CadeNix users are the extremely easy-to-use customization options: the script features an advanced theme system that makes it easy for anyone with even basic knowledge of HTML to modify every aspect of how content is displayed. And, to ensure quick startup, the script comes with four excellent themes. Adding new games to a CadeNix site is extremely flexible, and can be done via FTP or your favorite web browser. Moreover, one can transfer files from other web servers, as well. This is useful with large files, as it allows significant time savings that would otherwise be lost on downloading and uploading.

CadeNix also automatically resizes thumbnail images to the default thumbnail size (itself configurable in the administration area), avoiding the need for time-consuming, tedious, and often frustrating image manipulation using complex graphics software. A second possible source of CadeNix cash flow stems from the scripts integrated advertisement/banner manager. Also managed via the administration area, this feature enables you to add/remove advertisements and banners, calculate impressions, and much more.

The CadeNix PHP files are not encrypted or encoded. Moreover, all source code is provided to every customer who buys CadeNix. This enables even intricate, custom modifications to the script, if necessary. You’ll love the CadeNix Script. I guarantee it. If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason please visit our user support and we will help resolve any problem you might have.


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