How do I Fix my Xbox 360?


xbox360 296x300 How do I Fix my Xbox 360?

How do I fix my Xbox 360? This might be the question in your mind especially after showing red lights. This is really a problem faced by many people and still lots of people will face the problem in the future also and the main reason of showing red lights in your Xbox 360 gaming console is overheating. You have got an excellent gaming console Xbox 360 from Microsoft, however the excellent material is just packed inside a small cage and due to unavailability of proper cooling arrangements inside the small space, it gets heated quickly.

You can avoid overheating in various ways and the first is to place your Xbox 360 gaming console at an open space. Place the console near to window or if necessary you can also cool it from outside using a fan. You can also avoid overheating by using your console for short durations and if you use your Xbox 360 for long periods, chances are there that it will get overheated. So, switch off the system after a short use and allow it to cool for half an hour and then again start it. If you are again getting red lights, which are not going away with the cooling of the system, you need to fix your Xbox 360.

Here, you have two ways to fix your Xbox 360 problems and one is to ship the console to Microsoft for repair and another is to do it yourself. If your console is in warranty period, you need no repair charges to be sent to Microsoft; else you will need to send $140 for repairing the Xbox 360. The other is more convenient and simple way by using a guide or instructions available at Internet; you can fix your Xbox 360 your own.


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