Having Fun at the Book Store


It all started when my wife was pregnant and we were at Border’s. We were walking by the help desk and I stopped and asked the employee to look up a book title for me. “Excuse me, but I’m looking for a book entitled, “How to NOT be a Dead Beat Dad.” This obviously embarrassed my wife, but I got great enjoyment out of watching the employee type in the ridiculous title in the computer. I was referred to visit their Family section. I got such a kick out of it, that I make it a habit to ask for interesting sounding titles whenever we head over to the book store. If your like me and find the book store a little stuffy and boring, this may be a good way to add a little excitement to your next visit.

Excuse me, but what section can I find…

“Adult Bullying-Tips for Successful Bullying Late in Life”

“How to Pressure Your Kids into Excellence”

“Puppy Mills-How to dodge regulations and the ASPCA”

“Road Rage Techniques and Success Stories”

“Why it’s not OK to cry” A Children’s Book

“The Benefits of Smoking Cigarettes”

“I have my Art History Degree, now what the heck do I do?”

“Legal Loitering”

“How to approach your wife when you just got fired for obsessively looking at internet porn on company time”

“Organ Harvesting For Beginners”

“6 ways to sneak book store books into the restroom”

“Oops I slipped. Who can I sue and for how much money?”


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