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Great License Plate Combination

I will use this for my next car, genius combination! 🙂

Check Out My New Pussy

It’s really awesome, what are you think? I like it!
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Merry Xmas From Animals

Merry Xmas and happy holidays from Youtube animals!

Cat’s Really Don’t Care

Cat’s really don’t care for your… needs! Click on image for bigger!

Weird Drug Urban Legends

Drugs will always fascinate us because they can change the way we perceive reality. Some effects of drugs are so powerfully they alter reality and demonstrate why we call these drug induced episodes ‘trips’. Not all drugs are able to do what their fans or critics claim while others have a few more effects than advertised. Weird drug urban legend Number One: Can LSD make you want to jump and shout? Lysergic...

Under the wing of the plane

In the first photo we see the Bahamas, next, other countries and places.