Component to Nutrition Success – Proteins


There is one component of nutrition that we all already know. Or do we know for that? Many of us have a some fail when we try to meet our daily requirements, and all we are wondering why the scale does not move, what is that secret formula, or that magic pill which we must use? Yeah, i talking about it – PROTEINS. There is about 20 amino acids in linear chains and all that we call proteins. Proteins are vital to your body for a many of reasons, and most important reason is that body can continuo run smoothly in its dialy activites. Also proteins help to heal body and reapair injuries, and also antibodies consisting of proteins will help us to fight with bad infections. And most reason for some people, proteins allow us to build muscle! How you can include proteins in your meal? It’s simple, use food like lean meats, eggs, dairy products, nuts, fish and also you can use some various protein shakes. Many people ask, how much proteins I need every day? Many factors can decide that including age, sex and activity level. Men need more protein than woen, and people who have more activity also need more proteins. You need at least 0.5 grams of protein per round of body weight to function at your optimum level, and very active athletes need more – up to 1.0 gram.

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