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Quality Japanese Model Trains

There are just a few Japanese model train manufacuterers. All models are fully working. Kato, Tomix, Micro Ace and Green Max are considered as main-stream mass manufacturers. Model trains are not quite as popular a hobby as they used to be, but for Japanese, model trains are a huge pleasure. credit: foolish adler

Toyama Light Rail Girl Paintings

Toyama Light Rail put a “Railroad Girls Wrapped Train” into service in July 27. The 15 railroad girls are holding the same rope in their hands, which refers to both “densha gokko” and “every railroad girl in the country is linked together” at the same time. The wrapped train will be running until Sept. 30, the same duration as the stamp rally. credit: TTTNIS

Maharajas Express – One of the Most Luxurious Trains in World

The Maharajas Express is the finest Indian luxury train operated by IRCTC India from Bombay to Delhi that offers luxury tourism. Maharajas Express is considered to be the India’s answer to the Orient Express of the West. It could carry a total of 84 passengers in elegantly appointed cabins which include a lavish presidential suite spanning over an entire carriage. There are 2 restaurants, a lounge...

Mystical Landscapes on Board of Eastern & Oriental Express

The Eastern & Oriental Express is a truly unique way to explore South-East Asia. It offers accommodation for 132 passengers in fully air-conditioned facilities similar to a luxury 5 star hotel. Luxury train operating in Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand. The train travels through dense rainforests and towering mountains past golden temples; rubber plantations and fields of frangiapani, tapioca,...

The Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway in China ( 350 km/h )

Passenger rail line reduced the 1069 km journey between the largest cities in central and southern China Wuhan – Guangzhou to 3 hours, shortens the original route more than seven and a half hours by using CRH2 train. The CRH2 is one of the high speed trains in China. Trains reach top speeds of 350 km/h and average 310 km/h for the whole journey. The train is capable of a speed of 394.2 kilometers...