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Vancouvers Biggest Zombie Walk 2014

The best event in Vancouver that is fan for spectators and patrons. Every year the Vancouver Zombie Walk grows bigger, with more participants of all ages, ever more creative costumes and levels of GORE, and more huge quantities of blood-soaked fun every single time. The Walking Dead became a real-life. Zombies terrorized the streets in costumes to pose as the living dead. The meeting point and Zombie...

Cheerful Cutlery

Knives and spoons have been around since the dawn of civilisation, the first being made of flint and wood. Forks, however, are relatively new. Up until the 12th Century it was normal in polite society to eat from your fingers; but a noble Italian lady changed all that when she introduced a two-pronged fork to her table, maybe to help with the spaghetti! credit: Gavin Jones

Morbid Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Dolls is a line of horror dolls designed in the United States by Ed Long and Damien Glonek and manufactured by Mezco Toyz. All dolls are in highly detail painted. Prices are set generally between $20-$35 for a single doll, but two packs are generally more expensive $50-$60 per twin pack. These are not your average kiddie dolls. credit: Vicky Kletke

Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo

Bubble Gum Alley is located in San Luis Obispo on Higuera Street. The alley is the city’s most popular unofficial landmark, It is a 15-foot (4.6 m) high and 70-foot (21 m) long alley lined with chewed gum left by passers-by. The gum started appearing on the walls in 1960. People complained but the gum kept on coming. The wall is not a random collection of gooey gums, some people in San Luis Obispo...

Run For Your Lives – Colorado

Zombie 5k obstacle course ran out on a farm East of Denver off I-70. Run For Your Lives is the world’s first interactive zombie-infested obstacle race experience. There was a start line, and a finish line, but what happened in between was up to you. The apocalypse is here and it’s time to see if you’ve got what it takes to survive. Speed alone won’t save you in this race. credit:...

Historical Games at Mindes Islands of Time 2013

The 1,200 year old Minden offered a unique setting for exciting new productions of the past. Entertaining, informative and authentic history of different epochs were performed by international reenactment groups! It covered re-enactment of daily life in Mediaeval times against the backdrop of the 1200 year old Minden cathedral, a military church hospital at the time of the Battle of Minden along with...

No Pants Day in Mexico City

This day was created by a group of pranksters called Improv Everywhere, regarding to these pranksters No Pants Day is all about good fun. This year, 60 cities in 20 countries are participating to cause chaos and joy in public places. The event, which originated in New York, was established by a group called Improv Everywhere that prides itself in “causing scenes.” This year, passengers were undressed...

Troll – Norwegian Symbol from Fairy Tales

These mystical creatures from norse mythology have inspired many writers, composers and even painters. Trolls appear quite frequently in Norwegian fairy tales, and tourists often buy them as perfect travel souvenirs. The trolls had very distinct features. They had long crooked noses, only four fingers and toes on each limb, and most of them had long bushy tails. Some trolls were giants, and others...

Unconventional Christmas Tree in Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is hosting a Christmas Tree Installation with a series of events. About 18, 000 light variations are part of this futuristic tree. The tree`s 12 sides were formed by steel frame weighing 1.3 tonnes and held down by boxes weighing 8 tonnes. Here are some pics that shows tree in all it’s glory. credit: Honeysuckle Alive and Simone Sheridan

A Marvelous Metal Sculptures in Burrego Springs

These sculptures were built from scrap metal, wire and reinforcement bars by sculptor Ricardo Breceda. He created all the sculptures, including life size prehistoric creatures, elephants, camels, horses, dragon … The sculptures look like a natural part of the landscape, and from a distance appear very real. This unusual tourist attraction is a desert creature park open to anyone brave enough...

Perfect Birthday Gift – Innovative 3D Crystal Puzzle

If you are thinking about birthday gift for someone special, buy him puzzle. Tease his brain and delight his eyes with these 3D luminous puzzles. You can make a challenge how long will it take to put together. It is fun for the whole family. credit: Wootang01

Popular Super Heroes at WonderCon 2012

WonderCon is an annual comic book, science fiction and motion picture convention. One of the coolest things about visiting a comic book convention is getting a closer to the crazy people that wearing costumes or be one of them and dress yourself like any superhero, anime character, or comic book icon. Here is a gallery of some of the best pictures of cosplayers and their costumes. credit:...

Finnish Snow Castle with Ice Bar

SnowCastle is rebuilt every winter and it offers wonderful experiences for children and adults. It is magnificent example of the great skills of local architects and builders. Natural snow is too soft, for that reason architects make the snow out of the sea water by using snow pipes. Snows castle also offers snowrestaurant with ice tables and seats covered with reindeer fur, as well as ice sculptures....

Got the World in a Hand

Everybody dreams about holding the whole World in their Hands, but it is not always so simply. Our world is changing very quickly and you have no time to see all its secret places. So take a photo for memories. Pisa souvenir should to be one of them. credit: Darnok

Do you really know where and how your clothes are made?

Top fashion designers made dresses out of trash, recycling old packaging, cans, newspapers and more, proving waste can be made in to striking fashion with the right touch.